m v # 2 / Aldous RH, Pinemen, Målgrupp

mv february_rev

A L D O U S  R H (UK), P I N E M E N (SWE) and M Å L G R U P P (SWE) are joining us for the second Maternal Voice club at Restaurang Landet on 13th February 2016.

T-bana: Telefonplan… Map.

Visuals by Stockholm based artist Peter Larsson.

UK based sound artist TanDog will be preview work from ‘s l e e p’.

Dj Liselotte Wennerstrand.

/// F a c e b o o k  E v e n t





MV1 – S L E E P

The first Maternal Voice project will be a three part, conceptual release about sleep.

  • The first part, an 8-10 hour long audio sleeping aid.
  • The second part, a collaborative vinyl release with original songs based on the conceptual theme of ‘sleep’.
  • The third part will be a visual, coffee table style book designed to inspire sleep with images, photographs and words.

The audio for the sleeping aid part of the release will be kind of like an atmospheric montage or soundscape, blending together the work of the contributors into an 8-10 hour long continuous piece designed to relax and inspire sleep. This will be available on YouTube and Bandcamp.

The second part of the release will be the first physical Maternal Voice release (MV001) and will be available on vinyl. Limited edition to 500 copies. This will contain compositions by chosen contributors where ‘sleep’ is the connecting theme.

The third part of the release will be a visual sleeping aid that combines photographs, artwork and text in a way to evoke sleep – kind of like a picture book or bed time story.

We are looking for people who would like to contribute either soundscape material for the sleep aid, music or a song written with ‘sleep’ as the theme for the vinyl release, and finally photos, artwork and text for the book release.

More details about the brief for each section can be found here.

* Update: the response to this project has been pretty overwhelming. We have been contacted by musicians, photographers and artists from the U.S., Canada, Berlin, Paris and New Zealand – as well as the UK, Ireland and Sweden. We have a number of tracks sent in and some already at work on material specifically for the project.

Thank you and please get in touch/spread the word if you want to get involved or know someone who would like to be a part of this.

T H A N K  Y O U