Aldous RH drops Spotify playlist for MV listeners

Aldous RH: Grooves for Existential Dread

A l d o u s: Anthems for the down n out, lost in love and generally disillusioned.

Those emotions & vibes are heavy + beautiful in their own way. Most certainly capable of being funky too.. the juxtaposition isn’t even that uncommon when u come to think of it.

So sit back – question your mortality or get on down 4 the impending Judgement Day.

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F A C E B O O K / E V E N T

MV3 poor quality
The third of our monthly club night series features Halland County garage greats BABY JESUS, alongside NYC native / Berlin based electronic artist BRYCE HACKFORD. A super special performance by Stockholm’s TELEPHONE MELTS opens the show on 15th April 2016. Restaurang Landet. Tunnelbana: Telefonplan.

Visuals: T O B I A S L U N D

Noise: T B C

DJs: T V D I N N E R E D U C A T I O N

C o m e & s a y ” h e j ” -> F A C E B O O K / E V E N T <-

S L E E P project on hold, new releases & more!

H E J .

Massive, massive thank you to everyone who has submitted work for the S L E E P project so far. The project has totally grown beyond my original expectations and the amount of contributors has been pretty surprising, not to mention overwhelming – in a super positive way!

The project is currently on hold.

The book part of the release has been a challenge to get suitable material for. The book is an integral part of the project and unfortunately I cannot put it out if the entire content of the book is not at a high enough quality.

The project deadline has therefore been pushed back. Do not fear… We are still open for submissions! If you have not yet submitted anything or you are interested to submit but don’t know what the situation is – send us an email ( I will update everyone on here and Facebook when I start the project back up and I will begin contacting individuals again towards the end of the year.

The second reason for the delay is to concentrate on some smaller, more manageable releases that are planned for the autumn. The intention is to raise the profile of the label by releasing some great records and continuing with the monthly club.

I hope that everyone understands the situation – I feel bad for postponing this but I feel much worse delaying the release of all the great work by the musicians, artists, writers and photographers who have so far taken part.

It has not been in vain. People will be amazed when this comes out.

The good news is that there will be some killer cassettes and singles coming out after the summer. Looking forward to revealing more details ASAP.

T a c k  s å  m y c k e t ,

David / MV

P.S. Live footage shot by the man, Sebastian, from February’s MV club #2 will be available reeeeeeaaalll sooooooon.